Armando's Painting and Decorating.
Residential, Commercial and Industrial.
25 Years Experience.

When you think about painting you probably think about a brush and roller and how quickly you can get it done!

However if you’re looking to add real value to your home or business you should think about hiring an insured, experienced, professional like Armando’s Painting and Decorating.  

With over 25 years experience we offer the best industrial, commercial and residential painting and decorating services in all of Mississauga.

Armondo's Painting and Decorating, Mississauga, Ontario
We Don't Cut Corners
Creating a beautifully painted room is all in the prep work and at Armando’s Painting and Decorating we don’t cut corners – or paint ourselves into them!

We actually spend more time prepping a room than applying the paint. We follow the many important steps such as protecting other surfaces, filling holes, dents, and former brush strokes on walls and trim. We don’t paint around shelves, hooks or vent covers - we remove them altogether.

Surfaces are always well-sanded before and between coats, and any dust is removed before paint is applied.

Take a look at our services and see what we can beatify in your home or business!

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